NHL Betting Sites in the US

NHL is the best hockey league in the world with players from all over the world donning their skates every night during the season.

This page gives you all the information you need about how to bet on NHL games, which betting site is best for NHL, and the different types of NHL bets.


Best NHL Betting Sites in July 2024

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# Sportsbook Bonus
FanDuel Sportsbook

Up to $1,000 risk-free bet

Free bet

FanDuel Sportsbook
Use bonus code: No bonus code required; Register to claim
Qualifying bet: No minimum bet amount
Wagering requirement: 1x bonus
Caesars Sportsbook

Bet $50 Get $250 in Bonus Bets


Caesars Sportsbook

Up to 1000$ first bet offer


Use bonus code: No bonus code required. Register to claim offer
Qualifying bet: No minimum bet amount and no odds restrictions
Wagering requirement: 1x bonus. Visit BetMGM.com for Terms and Conditions. 21+ years of age or older to wager. MI, NJ, PA or WV only. Excludes Michigan Disassociated Persons. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable site credit, unless otherwise provided in the applicable Terms. Please Gamble Responsibly. Gambling Problem? 1-800-270-7117 for confidential help (MI), 1-800-GAMBLER (NJ, PA & WV).

100% up to $250

Match deposit bonus

VIP Preferred
Use bonus code: 250MATCH
Qualifying bet: No minimum bet amount and no odds restrictions
Wagering requirement: 1x bonus
DraftKings Sportsbook

Bet $5 get $200 in free bets instantly

Free bet

DraftKings Sportsbook
VIP Preferred
Use bonus code: No bonus code required; Register to claim
Qualifying bet: $5
Wagering requirement: 1x bonus

Bet $100 get $100 in free bets


VIP Preferred
Use bonus code: XUSBETTOP; Register to claim offer
Qualifying bet: Bet $100 or more at minimum odds of -120
Wagering requirement: 1x bonus
It seems you are in Virginia, US, where US online sportsbooks are not legal. You can change your location or browse the recommended fantasy sports betting sites below.

Only the NHL sportsbooks that pass the tests set out by our team of betting experts are recommended to you, with each site subject to rigorous usage.

Each betting site is tested against the same criteria, such as quality of odds and range of markets available, ensuring fairness and transparency in our reviews.

Only sportsbooks with valid US licenses are recommended as these are safe and legal to bet with.

How We Rated NHL Betting Sites

It’s not easy for new bettors to know what makes a good sportsbook and what makes a bad one, which is where we come in.

Every legal NHL sportsbook is scrutinized against a range of factors to pick out the best ones for hockey betting, as this method ensures the comparison is fair.

The criteria we used is listed below and one thing to note is that no betting site is perfect at everything, so you should judge sportsbooks by factors that are important to you.

  • security

    Every NHL betting site that we recommend has valid US licenses for every state it accepts bets in. These provide legal protection and ensure the sportsbook operates above board.

  • promo

    NHL promos aren’t as common as other sports because hockey is less popular, but there’s still plenty out there. They’re generally worth up to $25 but sportsbook welcome bonuses can also be used on NHL and the best have values of up to $2,000.

  • mobile-app
    Mobile apps

    Sportsbook apps are available on iOS and Android so you can bet on your cell phone or tablet. The best mobile apps run smoothly, rarely crash, and make it easy to navigate to the NHL section and place bets.

  • Quality of odds

    Consistently good odds gives you higher returns on winning bets, so getting the best price is always important. Unlike NFL and NBA, NHL markets aren’t as competitive so there can be signifcant differences between sportsbooks.

  • NHL

    Placing NHL bets on a variety of markets is part of the entertainment value. Having a greater range makes betting more enjoyable, with the best NHL betting sites offering over 70 markets.

  • live betting
    Live betting

    Live betting on NHL gives you the opportunity to place wagers as a game goes on, opening up new markets and potentially creating more value. You should use a sportsbook that offers plenty of live stats to help you out and that doesn’t suspend odds very often.

  • payment-methods
    Payment methods

    Having a variety of payment methods on a site means your preference is more likely to be accepted. The elite NHL sportsbooks have at least three of PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, VIP Preferred, and Play+ as options.


Top NHL Betting Apps

Every licensed NHL sportsbook has a mobile app for iOS and Android that enables you to bet on your phone or tablet, removing the need to be in front of a computer.

Not all NHL betting apps are good as many suffer from crashes or geolocation issues, so we’ve picked out the best ones for your pro hockey betting needs.

DraftKings Sportsbook have a great app that is excellent for NHL betting due to a simple interface that makes it easy to bet and deposit when necessary.

Caesars is the best app on the market and this plays a strong part in their good hockey betting experience, which is also propped up by competitive odds.

FanDuel Sportsbook excels at live betting due to their app, as it has a wide market choice and in-depth live stats that are easy to view.

draftkings app screenshot
Google Play rating: 4.6⭐️ App Store rating: 4.8⭐️ Top features: Early cashout, same game parlay Download app now View more

Google Play rating: 4.6⭐️

App Store rating: 4.8⭐️

Top features: Early cashout, same game parlay

Download app now

Read DraftKings Sportsbook review

Caesars betting app
Google Play rating: 4.4⭐️ App Store rating: 4.6⭐️ Top features: Early cashout, same game parlay Download app now View more

Google Play rating: 4.4⭐️

App Store rating: 4.6⭐️

Top features: Early cashout, same game parlay

Download app now

Read Caesars Sportsbook review

fanduel sportsbook app screenshot
Google Play rating: 4.7⭐️ App Store rating: 4.8⭐️ Top features: Early cashout, live streaming, same game parlay View more

Google Play rating: 4.7⭐️

App Store rating: 4.8⭐️

Top features: Early cashout, live streaming, same game parlay

Download app now

Read FanDuel Sportsbook review


NHL Betting Bonuses

Sportsbooks offer NHL-specific bonuses such as free bet promos and odds boosts that give you rewards for placing a wager on that specific betting site. It’s important to check exactly what you need to do to qualify for a promo, whether that’s wagering a certain amount or on a specific market.

You can also utilize sportsbook welcome offers on hockey, which is perfect if you want to start betting on the sport. Welcome bonuses tend to be either free bets or bonus funds, both of which allow you to bet without risking any of your own money.

Free bet wagers not included in returns

A $10 wager on Chicago Blackhawks to win at +250 would normally return $35, including risk – $25 in winnings and the $10 stake.

If that bet was placed with a free bet, then the total returns would just be the $25 winnings.

NHL promotions at US betting sites are quite rare because they tend not to prioritize hockey over the likes of NBA, NFL, and soccer.

For that reason, you should always keep an eye out for promotions at betting sites as that can earn you free bets for placing wagers you’d likely have placed anyway.

BetMGM have regular free bets on offer including their One Game Parlay Insurance promo, which returns your stake as a free bet up to $25 if your one game parlay loses because of one leg.

No betting site has a larger welcome bonus than PointsBet, who offer up to $2,000 as a risk free bet for new customers. This is eligible to be used on NHL and returns your first wager as a free bet if it loses.

Odds boosts and enhanced parlays give you better returns than normal and Caesars are by far the best sportsbook for this, both in terms of NHL and other sports. It’s common for Caesars to boost odds on NHL parlays to ensure you get the best price possible.

NHL betting promos
Best NHL free bets


Best NHL welcome bonus


Best NHL boosted odds

Caesars Sportsbook


NHL Betting Explained

NHL hockey betting is easier to understand than other major sports because there are fewer markets available to bet on.

Most US betting sites do not really prioritize NHL and so they tend to offer limited options for bettors, which can be frustrating.

That all said, you definitely need to understand what you’re betting on, how to read odds, and whether your bet has a reasonable chance of winning.

How to Place a Bet on NHL

NHL betting looks complicated because of how much new information there is to absorb when you first start, and there’s not much help given from sportsbooks.

The great thing is that it’s actually not difficult at all. Simply follow the steps below as we’ve broken them down and you’ll be well on your way to betting on NHL.

Signing up for a sportsbook requires you to give them some personal information as part of Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, which verifies your identity.

The personal info includes your name, address, zip code, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. All these details are held securely by licensed US sportsbooks.

Find legal USbetting site
Choose legal US betting site

Have a look at our list of the best NHL betting sites and pick one that’s highly-rated, as well as available in your state.

Find the game you want to bet on

Sportsbooks will usually only display that night’s NHL games, so if the game is on a different day then you’ll have to wait.

Find market
Find the market

Research and analyze the game to find your best bet, using statistics available online.

Compare odds

Check the odds from your chosen sportsbook against other betting sites to ensure you’re getting as much value as possible.

Place bet and wait for it to settle

Choose how much to risk on your wager then wait for it to settle.


How to Read NHL Odds

US betting sites don’t usually make it easy for you to read odds because they almost always present them in American Odds format by default. This can prove to be very confusing for people who want to bet on NHL games.

If there is a minus before the number, that is the amount you theoretically have to wager to win $100. If it’s a plus before the number, that is how much you would theoretically win with a $100 bet.

NHL odds explained

Wager $110 to win $100 profit


Wager $200 to win $100 profit


Wager $100 to win $100 profit


Wager $100 to win $500 profit

You don’t have to wager exactly $100 or the exact amount to win $100, which is just how odds are displayed. Any wager within the rules of the NHL sportsbook is allowed.

NHL Odds Comparison

NHL odds vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, even on the same market in the same game. Before you place any bet on hockey or any other sport, you should always check other sites to make sure you’re getting the best price.

The table below compares the odds between four different betting sites for an NHL game between the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings.

There’s not much to choose between each site in regards to the Bruins’ moneyline odds, with DraftKings slightly worse, but the difference comes on the Red Wings where DraftKings offer +235.

Those odds are much better than the +220 or +225 available on the other three chosen sportsbooks.

DraftKings also offer better odds on the Bruins’ puck line at -105 but in return their -115 on Red Wings to win with a +1.5 handicap is worse than the others.

It may not sound like there’s much to split the sites, but getting the best odds benefits you over time.

 Caesars SportsbookFanDuel SportsbookBet365DraftKings Sportsbook
Home – Boston Bruins-275-275-275-295
Away – Detroit Red Wings+225+220+225+235
Home puck line-1.5
Away puck line+1.5
Puck line margin4.8%4.8%4.7%4.7%

Popular Bet Types

There are a few different NHL bet types that you need to be familiar with before you start to wager.

This is not an exhaustive list of every bet available, but it does cover everything you should know, as these can also be applied to other types of wagers.

As with other US sports, most money is taken by sportsbooks on moneyline, puck line, and totals markets as these are popular selections in parlays.

NHL Game Betting

Betting sites take the most NHL wagers on individual games, with sportsbooks providing odds for each fixture played that day.

The names we have listed below are the usual ways these bets are denoted but beware that some sportsbooks use different terms.

For example, the puck line is sometimes listed as “spread” whilst moneyline bets are occasionally down as “match result”. If you’re not sure what outcome you need to win a bet, contact your sportsbook’s customer service.

  • Moneyline

    Moneyline betting is wagering on which team will win the game, without any handicaps or other considerations. It’s common for bettors to wager on the moneyline if a team is a slight favorite as this means they are unlikely to win on the puck line, partly due to the low-scoring nature of hockey.

    Sportsbooks that offer boosted parlays often use moneyline odds as it is the simplest type of hockey bet and is easy to understand for new bettors.

  • totals
    Total (over/under)

    How many goals will be scored in a game by both teams combined. The betting site assigns each fixture a projected goals total – usually 5.5 or 6.5 – and you can bet on whether the actual total will be higher or lower.

    As an example, Bruins vs Rangers total is set at 5.5 goals. A bet on the overs needs six or more goals scored in the game, whilst a bet on under requires five or fewer.

  • Puck line

    The puck line is another name for the spread and is a handicap given to whichever team you bet on. If it is the favored team then they have a set number of goals taken away, whilst the underdog gets goals added.

    Whichever team with the most goals after the handicap has been applied has covered the spread. In NHL, the puck line is almost always -1.5 goals

    For example, Boston Bruins are -1.5 point favorites over New York Rangers. A bet on the Bruins would need them to win by a margin of two goals or more. If you bet on New York, you would need them to lose by exactly one goal or win the game.

  • Player props

    These are bets pertaining to how a specific player performs in a single game. Although massively varied in other sports, US betting sites do not offer many player props for hockey. They are generally limited to points, assists, and power play points.

    For instance, Bruins winger David Pastrnak is -110 to record over 0.5 assists against the Rangers and -120 for under 0.5 assists.

  • parlays

    Parlays allow you to add selections from multiple games into a single bet, with every leg needing to win for your overall bet to win. As you add more selections then your potential returns will increase, but the chance of winning lowers.

    As an example, Bruins to win at -155, Chicago Blackhawks to win at +125, and Winnipeg Jets +1.5 at -200 comes out at +455. A $10 wager returns $55.32.

NHL Futures Betting

NHL futures are bets that take the entire season into account rather than just a specific game.

They are also called outrights and are usually bets for season-long prizes such as the Stanley Cup or player awards. The futures on offer depends on each sportsbook, with some only offering basic markets and some being more in-depth.

Most bettors prefer to bet on futures before the season starts as it gives interest throughout the year, but most markets remain open throughout the season so there’s no rush.

  • Stanley Cup winner

    This is betting on which team will win the Stanley Cup at the end of the postseason. The Stanley Cup is a best-of-seven series between the winner of the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference.

  • Player awards

    The NHL gives out a range of player prizes at the end of the season including MVP, Rookie of the Year and Best Goaltender, amongst many others. These may also be referred to as their real titles, such as Hart Memorial Trophy for MVP.

  • Points total (over/under)

    Betting sites offer projected points total for each season and you can bet on whether the actual total they accrue will be higher or lower.

  • Make miss playoffs
    To make/miss playoffs

    Eight teams from each conference make the playoffs each season and sportsbooks offer odds on each team’s chances of reaching the postseason.

  • To win division/conference

    The NHL is divided into four divisions and two conferences. Betting sites have markets on which team will win each division and conference.


NHL Betting Tips and Advice

Now you know how to bet on NHL games and what different markets are available, the final step is deciding what to bet on.

The information below is to give you general advice on wagering, it is not a surefire way to win, but it can help you to avoid making bad bets.

As a result, you should follow these tips before considering any NHL bet as analytical wagers are almost always better than gut feel.

  1. Research both teams. Check statistics of both teams that are playing in the game you want to bet on. Analysis can allow you to leverage those stats into making bets that you perceive to be good value.
  2. Keep an eye on team news. New injuries and late scratches can make or break a bet and influence what you decide to wager on. If a team’s star player is declared absent then you can potentially use that to bet before the sportsbooks change the odds.
  3. Know what you’re betting on. Know what outcome you need to win a bet. The most common bets are listed up the page but if you still don’t know what result you need, then you can always contact the sportsbook’s customer service to find out.
  4. Line shop. Make sure you’re getting the best odds by checking your chosen bet at other sportsbooks. If your betting site is offering worse returns, it makes sense to bet with another sportsbook that has better odds.
  5. Manage bankroll. Stay disciplined with your deposit. Don’t wager more money than you can afford otherwise you’ll end up having to fund your account too often.

NHL Live Betting

Live betting on NHL games gives you the chance to bet on professional hockey games as they happen, rather than just wagering pre-game.

In-play sports betting puts more power into the hands of the bettor as it allows you to place wagers based on how the game is going.

If a player is struggling to get into the game or gets injured early, then you could bet on their replacement scoring a point (for example).

Extra markets are also available in-play and some of these include:

  • Moneyline
  • Puck line
  • Total
  • Next goalscorer
  • Next team goalscorer
  • Next player to get penalty minutes
  • Next team to score
  • Final score

We’ve picked out the best NHL live betting sportsbooks based on a range of criteria, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

BetMGM have extremely competitive odds on live hockey so you get more returns on bets than at other sites, and they also have great live statistics on hand so you can make informed bets.

FanDuel Sportsbook boast a high number of live markets for NHL betting, with over 60 available, and their stats are updated quickly.

PointsBet are also one of the best for NHL live betting and their app is excellent so there’s no wasting time to find the game you want to bet on. However, their market selection of markets on live NHL betting isn’t the best.


Top NHL Events

Each of the 32 NHL teams plays 82 regular season games so there’s lots of chances to place hockey bets, and that’s before things get even more serious in the playoffs.

Exactly half of the teams qualify for the postseason with the 16 sides competing in best-of-seven series to crown the winner of the Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup is just one of the key NHL events each season and you can read more about that and others below.

  • stanley cup
    Stanley Cup

    The Stanley Cup is the oldest existing trophy to be awarded to a professional sports franchise in North America, having first been awarded in 1893.

    As it is the pinnacle of the NHL season, it’s not a surprise that sportsbooks offer lots of bonuses and promotions surrounding it, with the biggest promos worth up to $100.

  • nhl
    NHL Entry Draft

    The best young players around the world can enter the NHL Draft between the ages of 17 and 20. Unlike other sports, which mainly focus on college players, NHL teams draft from colleges, other European teams, and junior teams in the US and Canada.

    There’s not too many betting markets available for the NHL Draft but it’s common to see odds for the number one overall pick.

  • NHL
    NHL Outdoor Games

    Most NHL games are played inside but there’s at least one game per season played outdoors in a stadium. The most common games are the Winter Classic, Stadium Series, and Heritage Classic.

    Because they’re one-off events, there’s some extra betting opportunities available like bigger bonuses and odds boosts.

NHL History

NHL is one of the oldest professional sports leagues in North America, having been founded in 1917 after around 40 years of competitive hockey being played.

The formation of the NHL allowed professional hockey to take a grip in the US and Canada, replacing a host of other amateur and professional leagues by recruiting the best players from them.

Much like other sports, the NHL has gone through many changes to become the organization it is today.


NHL formed

The National Hockey Association was suspended in 1917 and led to the formation of the National Hockey League.


Original Six era begins

Starting in 1942, the NHL consists of the same six teams: Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leafs


Original Six era ends

The NHL adds six new teams to expand the league to 12 in 1967, the first of many expansions to come.


2004-05 season cancelled

NHL owners and players fail to agree to a Collective Bargaining Agreement, causing a lockout and eventually the first time an American professional sports season was canceled due to a labor dispute.


NHL goes from 30 to 32 teams

After settling at 30 teams in 2000, the NHL chooses to add two more teams: Las Vegas Golden Knights in 2017 and Seattle Kraken in 2021.

NHL Betting Sites to Avoid

Amidst all the legal US betting sites you can use for betting on hockey, some more shady NHL sportsbooks have a habit of rearing their heads and enticing bettors in.

Thanks to legal online sports betting only being permitted since 2018, plenty of offshore sites were set up and able to accept US customers despite not being licensed in the US.

The issue with them not being licensed is that if you decide to bet with them, there is nothing you can legally do if something goes wrong – such as if they decide to keep your money. They also charge incredibly high fees for depositing and withdrawing.



NHL remains one of the biggest professional sports leagues in the US despite declining popularity, and as such, there’s still plenty of chances to bet on hockey.

With over 1,000 NHL games played in the regular season plus more in the postseason as teams vie for the Stanley Cup, sportsbooks provide lots of markets and bonuses throughout.

There are fewer markets available than the other big four sports leagues and bonuses tend not to be worth more than $25, but betting sites still try to get the best odds so this can be leveraged into successful bets.



The main NHL betting markets are puck line, spread, and moneyline. Every US betting site offers these major markets as well as plenty of other options, such as player props which allow you to bet on how well a player performs in a game.

You can bet on NHL at any major US sportsbook, including FanDuel Sportsbook, BetMGM, PointsBet, and DraftKings Sportsbook. The full list of recommended NHL betting sites in the US can be found at the top of this page.

NHL futures are available under the NHL section at any US betting site and generally include options like MVP, Stanley Cup Winner, and Rookie of the Year. These bets are usually settled at the end of the season because they take the entire year into account rather than just a single game.

Bets usually stay active until the game is over. Moneyline bets will pay out if the team you bet on wins the shootout and other bets will settle appropriately after the penalties. You should always check with your sportsbook for overtime rules as they can vary by site.

The puck line is a handicap applied to the team you bet on, which is usually -1.5. The favored team starts with a negative handicap and the underdog with a positive one as a way to balance the market against the moneyline. This is usually called the spread in other sports.

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