Soccer Betting in the US

Find the best soccer betting sites in the US as selected by our team of sportsbook experts using a range of strict criteria.

Learn everything you need to know about how to bet on soccer, with betting lines explained and different types of wagers clarified.

Best Soccer Betting Sites

Our team of betting experts have analyzed and reviewed every soccer sportsbook available to find that best ones that will give you the best experience.

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Category Winners

Deciding which is the best soccer betting site for you can be difficult because there are so many legal US sportsbooks out there.

To save you time, we have gone through each one and picked out the best ones for a range of categories so you can pick the one that suits your betting desires.

Top soccer sportsbooks by category
Best soccer odds


Best soccer live betting site

FanDuel Sportsbook

Best soccer markets


Best soccer futures

DraftKings Sportsbook

Best soccer bonus


Best soccer promotions

Barstool Sportsbook

Soccer Betting Sites to Avoid

It is important to note that not all soccer betting sites are licensed in the US and as such, you should avoid placing wagers with them.

Chiefly, there’s no real action you can take if they decide to keep your money or if they refuse to pay a bet out correctly.

How to Place a Soccer Bet

Making a soccer wager for the first time can be overwhelming but fear not, we at USBetting are here to guide you through the process.

find legal US betting site
Find legal US betting site

Pick from our list of best soccer betting sites. All the sportsbooks we recommend are legal and safe.

Register for a betting account

Once you have settled on a sportsbook for online soccer betting, sign up for an account and utilize the signup bonus.

find game
Find the game

The best soccer sportsbooks separate games into countries or continents, and then further divide them into leagues and tournaments.

analysis game
Do an analysis of the game

Check out the stats of the teams to determine how the game might play out. Comparing defensive and attacking info is usually a good start.

find market
Find the market

Once you know what to bet on, find the market on your chosen soccer betting site.

compare odds
Compare odds

Check out other betting sites to ensure you’re getting the best odds possible, as this will lead to greater returns on winning bets.

place bet
Place your bet

Once you’ve chosen your bet, decide how much to risk and then wait for the game to be played.

How We Rate Soccer Betting Sites

There are a few factors that are very important when looking for a new sportsbook and these can prove the difference between you wanting to register and not.

All the soccer betting sites we recommend at USBetting have been put through their paces by our team of experts, using the aspects below as main criteria.

  • Security

    All good legal betting sites in the US will have the best security measures in regards to your money and personal information. Knowing that your deposit will be kept safe gives you peace of mind.

  • Odds and markets

    You should always be looking for the best odds on any selection you want to bet on as this will give you more money in the long run, assuming your picks are good value. Similarly, soccer betting sites with the most markets will give you more choices for your wagering.

  • Promotions

    It’s not absolutely pivotal that a sportsbook has promotions but the best soccer betting sites will offer you at least one that you can employ. Ideally, they’ll have promotions that are frequent and regular, rather than just one-offs for specific matches.

  • Mobile betting

    Having a good soccer betting app that is available on both iOS and Android is non-negotiable. The mobile apps that our experts recommend will all run smoothly and let you place bets, both pre-game and live, without any fuss.

  • Customer support

    The best customer support teams at sportsbooks will strike a strong balance between knowledge and reliability. You need answers to your queries in a timely manner but you also need the agents to know what they’re talking about and not feed you incorrect information

  • Payment methods

    Offering both online and in-person deposit methods makes the payment process smooth and appeals to as many punters as possible. There’s no point in registering at a site that only has one or two options for depositing as they may not carry your preferred method.

Which States is Soccer Betting Legal in?

Soccer betting is legal in every US state that has legalized online sports wagering so there are no restrictions on that front.

The only issues you may run into are if any betting site offers college soccer, with certain states imposing limitations for NCAA sports.

ArizonaNew Jersey
ColoradoNew York
IndianaRhode Island
MichiganWashington DC
NevadaWest Virginia
New HampshireWyoming

Top Soccer Apps

Any legal US sportsbook worth using will boast a mobile app for both iOS and Android, with most available to download from the App Store or Google Play. On occasion, Android users may have to download an APK file onto their phone and install it that way.

The best mobile apps for soccer betting will offer a seamless transition from the desktop site of the sportsbook, allowing you to easily place wagers on your phone or tablet.

Every sportsbook betting app tested by our team of experts is done so by strict criteria, allowing us to narrow down the multitude of options into just the best ones.

Soccer betting apps
Best overall soccer app


Most user-friendly


Best for bonuses


Best for mobile live streaming/betting


Best Android app

Caesars Sportsbook

Best iOS app

Caesars Sportsbook

Soccer Live Betting

Live betting gives you the ability to place soccer wagers whilst a game is happening, creating new opportunities for markets and to find value bets.

Using pre-game statistics gives you an idea of how the game should play out but this does not mean the actual match will follow suit.

Betting in-play allows you to combine pre-game statistics with ones from the game, giving you much better information for your wagers.

Pros and Cons of In-play Soccer Betting

Whilst live betting can give you a much wider image of how a soccer game will play out, it is not some guaranteed route to success and you should be careful when punting in-play.

  • Wager based on run of play
  • Can find more value
  • Ability to hedge
  • Easy to lose track of bankroll
  • Bet delay

Being able to take advantage of value bets that didn’t exist pre-game is one of the big pros of live wagering, but it’s important not to get carried away.

Place too many in-play bets and you’ll find yourself unable to make a profit, and having wasted your bankroll.

Use Live Streaming to Your Advantage

Live streaming of soccer games is extremely helpful for live betting as it means you can watch the match without having to leave the sportsbook website or app.

Whilst soccer streaming is not particularly common amongst US sportsbooks, bettors that are able to utilize it should do so if they are planning to bet in-play on a game they cannot otherwise watch.

Soccer Betting Bonuses

The majority of US betting sites do not restrict their welcome bonuses to a single sport, which means you are free to use any of them on soccer.

Soccer Promotions for Registered Bettors

Any good legal US sportsbook will have promotions to enhance the betting experience for punters.

Free bets and boosted odds are the most common types of soccer promotions that you should be looking out for, with many betting sites prioritizing these over other kinds of promos.

Top soccer betting promotions
Best soccer betting free bets


Best soccer cashback bonuses

Barstool Sportsbook

Best soccer boosted odds

Caesars Sportsbook 

How to Bet on Soccer

As with all sports, betting on soccer looks more complicated than it actually is. After you’ve read our guide and wrapped your head around these concepts, you’ll find yourself in much better stead to place wagers.

How to Read Soccer Odds

Reading and understanding soccer odds is obviously a key part of betting, but the American format does not make it easy for new bettors. The good thing is that whilst they look complicated, it’s really not.

If there is a plus in front of the number then that is how much you win from a $100 wager. So if you fancy over 2.5 goals at +116 in a Premier League game between Arsenal and Wolves, you’d win $116 from a $100 wager if the bet is successful.

On the contrary, a minus sign in front of the number shows the amount you have to risk to win $100. Using the same game as above, under 2.5 goals is priced at -155 and so you would need to wager $155 to win $100.

Soccer odds explained

Wager $110 to win $100 profit


Wager $250 to win $100 profit


Wager $100 to win $100 profit


Wager $100 to win $300 profit

You don’t have to bet $100 or the exact number shown, it’s just how the odds are displayed in American format.

Bet Types

Sportsbooks offer many different types of soccer bets and at the very least, you should familiarize yourself with the most popular kinds before you start to place wagers.

Match Result

Match result is most popular market for soccer betting and you are simply wagering on which team you think will win the game.

Some sportsbooks may list this as money line to keep it consistent with other major sports, whilst you may also see it written as 1X2. The 1 refers to the home team, the 2 to the away team, and the X is a tie.


Manchester City are -295 favorites to beat Manchester United. A $20 bet on Man City would return a total of $26.77 if they win the game.

Goals (over/under)

This is betting on how many goals will be scored in a specific game. The most common line to see is 2.5 goals but this can vary depending on which teams are playing, and you might have to go as high as 4.5 to get odds-against prices.


Backing over 2.5 goals in Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur pays out at +105 and will be successful if three or more goals are scored in the game.

Both Teams to Score

A simple yes or no question, often shortened to BTTS. Both teams need to score in the game for ‘yes’ to be graded as win, otherwise ‘no’ will be the winning selection.

There is also a variation of this called Both Teams to Score No Draw, which means you would need both sides to score at least one goal and the game to not end in a tie.


Both teams to score in Liverpool vs Leeds is priced at -115, so a $10 wager on this would return $18.69 if both team find the net.

Double Chance

Double chance can be useful for betting on underdogs as it allows you to wager on one of two results happening.

Bettors on this market usually select the underdog to either win or tie as it provides a safety net of a tie occurring if the dog is able to avoid defeat.


Liverpool -2.5 to beat Leeds United is priced at +108. If Liverpool win by three or more goals, this will be a winning bet. If they win by either one or two goals, or fail to win the game, it will be a loss.


There are two types of handicaps in soccer betting, which are broadly the same thing but with some differences that you need to understand.

The first is the standard handicap, also known as European or Handicap With Tie, and is a three-way market. Sportsbooks in the US will usually offer the favorite to start with a specific handicap such as -1, and you can bet on which team will cover it or whether it will be a draw once the handicap has been applied.

The other type is called the Asian Handicap and works much like the spread in NFL and NBA. The Asian Handicap is a two-way market where you are betting on the winner after the handicap has been applied.


Leeds are +1600 to beat Liverpool with the tie at +700. The double chance market of Leeds or Tie incorporates both these results and is available at +475, which will require Leeds to avoid defeat.

Half-based Betting

This is the same as regular wagers except it only applies to the selected half of the game. The full-time result and events that occur in the other half are irrelevant.


Tottenham are +140 on the first half money line to beat Burnley. If Tottenham lead at half-time then this bet will be marked as a winner, regardless of who goes on to win the game itself.

Correct Score

Correct score betting is relatively common in soccer because of the low-scoring nature of the sport compared to the ‘big four’ US leagues.

The shortest odds on a correct score bet is usually around +550 but comes with the obvious caveat that your wager could lose early on.


Burnley to draw 1-1 with Tottenham is priced at +700. A $5 risk on this would return a total of $40 including your initial wager if the game finishes 1-1.


Parlays are single bets that involve legs from at least two different games, allowing you to bet on action across a variety of events. All selections must be successful for your parlay to win, and any pushes will void that particular leg.


Selecting Watford to win at +210, Burnley to win at +360, and Liverpool to win at -667 offers total odds of +1539. A $5 wager will return $82 if all three teams win.

Soccer Futures

Futures are bets that take more than just a single game into account and are usually season-long wagers.

It is popular in soccer to place futures – also known as outrights – before a season starts as this gives punters interest on the overall standings.

  • Champion – The team that wins the selected league or tournament you bet on. The best soccer betting sites in the US will offer futures on hundreds of leagues all around the world including the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and MLS.
  • Player Awards – This is usually limited to top goalscorer in a particular competition (also called Golden Boot) but some soccer betting sites may offer awards like MVP and Player of the Season where appropriate.
  • Top 4/6/10 Finish – League positions in certain leagues may hold prestige or qualify teams for another competition, such as the playoffs or a continental tournament. This type of betting is simply wagering on whether a specific team will finish inside the chosen range.
  • Promotion/relegation – Most soccer leagues around the world have promotion and/or relegation, and any good US betting site will offer markets on these for each team.
  • Betting without – Sometimes soccer leagues can be dominated by one particular team and this market gives you the option to exclude them from your betting. For instance, at time of writing, Liverpool are +300 to win the English Premier League but in the ‘Winner Without Man City’ market they are -1200.

Soccer Betting Tips and Advice

Now you know what kinds of soccer bets and markets are available, the next step is deciding what to bet on.

Before you do that, though, you should read through these handy tips that will help you find the best value bets on US sportsbooks.

Remember, there is no guaranteed way to win most or all soccer wagers you place, but this advice should help you out with selecting bets.

  1. Research Matchups – Having a basic knowledge of the two teams playing is not enough. The availability of stats out there means it is easier than ever to a deep dive into a game to determine a best bet.
  2. Injuries/Rest/Absences – Always check the team news of the clubs that are playing in the game you want to bet on. Injuries or general rests to key players can influence the markets so it’s important to know which players are starting.
  3. Current Form/Upcoming Schedule – Obviously if one team is playing well then they are worth considering, but only if the odds are in your favor. As well, teams that are in the midst of a busy schedule may opt to play a weakened team for one match to allow the main starters to get some rest.
  4. Line Shop – As with anything, you want to find the best price for something before you commit to buying it. Once you’ve found a market to bet on, you should check out other soccer betting sites to see if you’re getting the best odds possible.
  5. Manage Bankroll – Don’t go wild with your money if you want to make it last, especially after a win. Ideally you should allocate each bet a set number of ‘units’ between 1 and 5, where 1 unit is 1% of your overall bankroll.
  6. Look for value – Value is the idea that the chance of something happening is greater than the odds suggest. So if you think there is a 60% chance that Mohamed Salah scores a goal and the odds are +100 (even money, a 50% chance), that is a market you might want to bet on.

Most Popular Soccer Leagues and Events

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and is one of the most-viewed in the US, with the likes of the English Premier League, Liga MX, and MLS dominating TV ratings.

English Premier League

The English Premier League is the biggest soccer league with over three billion worldwide viewers per season and boasting some of the best players on the planet.

It was formed in 1992 as a rebrand of the First Division, the top tier of English soccer, taking advantage of growing money available from selling the rights to broadcasters all over the world.

Manchester United are the most successful Premier League team since, winning it in an incredible 13 times under the stewardship of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

With every single English Premier League game broadcast on TV in the US, the opportunity for soccer betting is greater than ever.

English Premier League info

Each Premier League team plays a total of 38 games – 19 at home and 19 on the road. Matches are played most weekends between August and May but there are also occasional midweek fixtures.

Liga MX

Liga MX is Mexico’s top league and it is the most-watched soccer league in the US, even ahead of MLS and the English Premier League.

The top four teams at the end of the season qualify for the Liguilla quarter-finals, a playoff tournament that determines the winner of the First Division.

Liga MX info

Liga MX has an extremely competitive history, with 24 different teams having been crowned champion over the years. Club America have won 13 titles, Guadalajara 12, Toluca 10, and Cruz Azul just behind on nine.


MLS, shortened from Major League Soccer, was founded in 1996 and is an infant compared to other soccer tournaments around the world.

Unlike many other soccer leagues but like most US sports leagues, MLS does not employ a promotion and relegation system so there is no penalty for finishing bottom.

Having begun life with only 10 teams, there are now 28 franchises spread across the US and Canada that provides betting interest to millions of Americans.

MLS info

MLS sides play 34 games in a season and the top 14 teams qualify for the MLS playoffs, which is a straight knockout tournament with a final at the end.

Biggest MLS Events

  • MLS Cup

    The MLS Cup is the culmination of the playoffs, with one Eastern Conference team and one Western Conference team qualifying for the showpiece finale.

  • MLS All-Star Game

    A one-off exhibition fixture usually played in July or August, the All-Star Game currently pits the best MLS players against a team of the best Liga MX players.


There are many markets available for soccer betting including match result, over/under goals, handicap betting and correct score. There is no one way that is intrinsically better than another to wager on soccer, but rather it is about how you determine value bets.

You can legally bet on soccer in 25 states and Washington DC, with a range of licensed sportsbooks available in all of those. You can find a list of the best soccer betting sites in your state at the top of this page.

The best soccer betting sites are available to view at the top of this page, with BetMGM, PointsBet, and DraftKings Sportsbook amongst the most popular. Each sportsbook has been rated on a range of criteria including best odds, best promotions, and most secure.

Sign up to a legal betting site in your state and deposit using a payment method that the sportsbook offers. Find the soccer game you want to wager on, pick your market, enter your risk amount into the box, and click “place bet”.

The spread, usually known as handicap in soccer, is betting on a favorite to win by a certain amount or the underdog to lose by less than that. There are two types of handicap available, the European and the Asian, with the latter being a two-way market like an NFL spread.