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USBetting is the only platform you need to find the best legal US sportsbooks based on a variety of criteria. Whether it’s the odds you’re looking for, or a user-friendly betting app, we have all the details. There are only online sportsbooks that are legal within the borders of the USA. Regardless of the state you’re in, USBetting gives you all the legal betting options you have.

Our Values

The information provided at USBetting is based on our set of core values. All ranking tables and sportsbook reviews are delivered with the following in mind.

  • Consistency

    The information and advice provided are consistent across all pages. The rating of sportsbooks is also consistent, which makes is it easier for us to stay unbiased.

  • Clarity

    Complex jargon is something we avoid, only unless necessary. Even then, we try to educate to avoid confusing you further. Otherwise, the message cannot reach the end recipient.

  • Honesty

    Whether it’s a sportsbook review, a guide on how to bet on a specific sport, or a ranking list for a specific state, we are honest about all the details related.

  • Security

    Part of what we do is keeping online bettors safe. While the US betting market is quite straightforward, there are rogue bookmakers who prey on the less informed. We recommend only legal and transparent sportsbooks.

  • Transparency

    Not all sportsbooks are great. Not all offers are worthy of your attention. When that’s the case, we make it clear. Showing both sides of the coin is essential for building trust and guiding to truly what you need.

  • Relevancy

    We value your time, which is why we put on display only what’s relevant to you. Moreover, all the ranking tables you see apply to you, showing sportsbooks that are legal in your state.

These help us keep the direction we’re headed in, stay on course and to deliver on our promise and our ultimate objective. The information you receive as the end user shouldn’t include any irrelevant facts. Instead, we provide all the facts and details that can one way or another impact your final decision.

Our Team

These are the people behind everything done at USBetting. Some are more experienced than others, but they all excel in some area. They are the ones that take all the credit for the success of USBetting.

Sports betting
Sports betting

How We Rate US Sportsbooks

To ensure all sportsbook reviews and ranking tables are consistent, we’ve come up with a set of criteria on which we base our ratings. Regardless of the state, regardless of the nature of the sportsbook, we check all of these. After all, they apply to each and every one of you.

As one of our core values is relevancy, we have separate reviews for brands that offer several products, such as fantasy sports, sportsbook and horse racing.

Check out all the details below.


Betting bonuses are a pillar of online betting. The amount you get is important, but so are the bonus terms that apply to the bonus you’re going for.


The most time consuming check to conduct is the odds comparison. However, it’s also the most important one in the long run. Part of our rating system is the quality of the odds.

Sports and markets

Attractive odds are not good enough if there’s not good sports coverage and there’s not a variety of betting markets, there aren’t a lot of betting opportunities.


The time a sportsbook takes to payout your winnings is also important. In addition, the choice of payment methods available plays an important role as well.

Betting features

Live streaming, live betting, cash out, parlay builders and so on, are some of the features that can improve your betting experience. They too are part of the overall rating.

Responsible gambling

The safety of patrons is vital. Betting can be overwhelming, and passionate patrons can lose sight of their priorities. Having mechanism that allow you to limit your wagering, so you can bet without concerns can have long-term benefits for everybody. It should be fun!

Our Business Model

There are a few things you should know about us and the online betting market. We are in this together, for the same passion but with different reasons.

  • Affiliate marketing company

    We are part of marketing company group. USBetting is independent and unbiased, yet we are in touch with legal US operators.

  • Platform between operators and bettors

    USBetting providers guides, reviews and top lists on legal US sportsbooks. It’s a place where sportsbooks are put under a spotlight, and patrons can select their top picks based on their needs.

  • We earn commission

    We are paid a fraction by the sportsbooks showcased on the site. As we are paid by all, we are not inclined to put one ahead of the other for personal gain. Instead, we believe that staying transparent and unbiased is the only way to long term success.

  • We promote legal US sportsbooks only

    We will always promote only legal US sportsbooks.

Despite being in touch with sports betting operators, all our verdicts are independent and unbiased. Leaning over to any sportsbook not only goes against our core values, but is not sustainable in the long run. Our goal is to have satisfied returning visitors. Pointing you in the wrong direction doesn’t do good to anyone.

Contact USBetting

If you have any sort of feedback for us, a complaint, suggestion or you just want to say hi, feel free to drop us a message. Somebody from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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