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US Online Sports Betting Sites – Rare Oases in the US Betting Market

US sports fans have long been kept in the dark when it comes to the best online sports betting sites. Unable to place real money sports bets online since the all-out ban on transactions to and from gambling sites, this decade-lasting saga was put to an end, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in a case closely related to the law which prohibited online betting.

So, if you’re wondering, where are the best online sports betting sites and where can you legally bet online as a US resident, then can be your guide. Before we start removing an illusion, myths and rumors about online sports betting in the US, we should point out that our information is based on OFFICIAL sources only.

This is US online betting 101!

Sports Betting Legally in New Jersey – Best Online Sports Betting Sites

New Jersey is offering licenses for online sports betting operators, so be prepared for an influx of new online betting sites and bookmakers coming NJ's way.

We take an objective look at the best sports betting sites that are legal in New Jersey to make it easier for you to make informed decisions about which is the best online sportsbook for you.

Legal New Jersey Betting Sites

Bonus Key Terms
Monmouth Park
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Meadowlands Racetrack
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Borgata Online
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Delaware's Legal Sports Betting Sites

If you're based in Delaware then you're also in luck, with the opportunity to bet on sports online at legal and licensed sports betting sites.

Below, you'll find the best online sports betting sites available within Delaware and are legal as we run the rule over each of the bookmakers to see who offers the best sports betting opportunities.

Legal Delaware Betting Sites

Bonus Key Terms
Dover Downs
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Delaware Park
Bet Now
Harrington Raceway
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Legal Online Sports Betting Sites in Nevada

Nevada seems an obvious choice for online sports betting considering it's huge links to the betting and gambling world but it's taken time to get going whilst the PASPA ruling was overturned.

Below, we talk you through the best legal online sportsbooks in Nevada, so that you can choose the best new betting site for you – impartial reviews highlight the pros and cons of each sportsbook as well as showing you all the features they offer.

Legal Nevada Betting Sites

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The Best Legal US Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Sites

Daily Fantasy Sports betting isn't new; in fact, it's been the leading light when it comes to online sports betting in the USA for many years now.

Now, with the laws changing and the opportunities for betting sites growing massively, we believe the best DFS sites will adapt to the market and still have a big part to play as the online betting landscape develops.

Below are the best legal daily fantasy sports betting sites – we do the hard work for you, reviewing each of them.

Legal DFS Betting Sites

Fantasy Sports Site
Bonus Key Terms
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Deposit min $5 | Receive $10 bonus cash
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First Deposit Free Entry

Deposit min $5 | Receive $3 Entry Ticket
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Are the Best Online Sports Betting Sites LEGAL in the US?

If you’re just getting into online sports betting, you must’ve come across many sources with contradictory information. That being said, the topic is shrouded in mystery, mainly because many US online sports betting community members lack integrity. To put an end to this, the answer is YES, it’s legal.

To be more precise, the ruling we mentioned earlier, vested the states with the power to LEGALIZE sports betting. In other words, sports betting is not ILLEGAL on a federal level. However, on a state level, it still might not be legal in the state where you’re currently residing. Just to be sure, if you intend to make a profession out of sports betting, you better talk to a local lawyer. We know for a fact that many states will legalize sports betting in the upcoming few years, all thanks to the US Supreme Court ruling and the efforts of the one and only New Jersey.

NJ Sports Betting – Role Model for Future US Betting Markets

New Jersey is the innovator; the trendsetter as far as US online gambling goes. Many of you would think that Nevada is the leader in the field, and you’re very much wrong. New Jersey is in the front seat and it takes the credit for the “unbanning” of online gambling sites in the US in general. At the moment, there is more than a dozen fully functioning online gambling sites that entertain New Jersey residents.

Among others, here are the most notable successful NJ gambling sites (note, these are not necessarily sports betting sites at the moment).

  • Monmouth Park Racetrack
  • Meadowlands Racetrack
  • Borgata Online
  • Monmouth Park
  • playMGM Online
  • 888 New Jersey

These have the potential to become one of the best betting sites on the national level. They’ve already won the trust of the New Jersey residents.

Delaware Online Sports Betting – Bet on Sports With Ease

Delaware started it all. Although New Jersey managed to bring the gambling regulations close to perfection, it’s Delaware that triggered this wave of changes. It all started in 2012, and it took several years before we noticed positive results. The authorities made the right choice when they gave the licenses to the three most advanced, and at the same time most experienced companies in the field on the grounds of Delaware.

  1. Dover Downs
  2. Delaware Park
  3. Harrington Raceway

The proximity to New Jersey has nothing to do with this. The east coast was always in favor of legalized betting and gambling. However, it must be stressed, LEGALIZED. They’re the ones that suffered the biggest losses as well, due to illegal, uncontrolled, unauthorized betting.

Nevada – Still Lagging Behind the leading US Betting Markets

The capital of gambling was not in favour of sports betting. Poker is their thing, but we’re pretty sure things will start to change. The Nevada Gaming Control Board will have a change of heart. It’s inevitable. At the moment, Poker players can enjoy their favorite card game online, and compete in cross-state tournaments provided by legal poker sites. In case you were wondering, WSOP (World Series of Poker) is at the forefront.

Nevertheless, Nevada has its own distinctive features, which we’re gladly going to share with you in our dedicated Nevada Betting and Gambling page.

Betting on Sports Made Easy – US Mobile Betting Apps

The 21st century seems to be good for bettors, casino and poker players as well. One of the most notable advantages gaming and betting enthusiasts have at their disposal are mobile apps. It appears that the future is now. You can bet on the go, anytime, anywhere and at any authorized online betting in the US. No more waiting at the local betting shop, no more missed betting opportunities. You can do it right now, at this very moment. Place real money bets, win real money and experience the full thrill of betting.

In all honesty, if it wasn’t for mobile betting, the sports betting industry might not have gotten where it is now. The best part about mobile betting, you get the same benefits, the same features as desktop customers do.

Native Betting Apps and Mobile Web Apps – Making Mobile Betting Possible

There are two types of mobile apps for mobile betting, not in the US, but on a global scale.

  1. Native Mobile Betting Apps – These are the apps you need to download before you’re able to use them. In other words, you should set them up before you actually place your sports bets. For the time being, Ios users can download these apps directly from iTunes, Apple’s App store. Android users are in a slightly disadvantageous position, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have access to these much sought after betting apps. Do not worry! We have instructions on all betting site Android apps and how to download them.
  2. Mobile Web App – It can happen to all of us. You’re in a hurry, you want to place that bet, but you don’t have the time or the data limit to download the native betting app. Most bookies provide instant access to mobile customers via their respective mobile web browsers. They may not be as fast, but you can sure find use in them if you’re looking for some flexibility.

At this moment, we can’t talk about US mobile sports betting apps, but we’re pretty sure we’re going to have tons of work once sports betting becomes legal nationwide. One thing’s for sure, expect them, they will become a big deal, and you will definitely find them convenient.

Best LEGAL US Online Sports Betting Sites

The “Usual Suspects” – Once the Only Gambling Sites available to US Bettors

We’re not fond of them, but we have to mention them. These are the US betting sites that have been around since the term “online betting site” was coined. Nothing could get in their way, not even the US authorities! They always found a way to stay one step ahead. The introduction of Bitcoin just secured their future, giving US sports bettors another way of depositing and withdrawing without leaving a trace.

If you’ve placed a sports bet online in the US, you must’ve heard of the following illegal, or at the very least, unauthorized, shady online bookmakers:

  • Bovada
  • Bodog
  • BetOnline
  • Intertops

They are the bookies you don’t want to mess with. Since they don’t have a license, nobody can guarantee your winnings will be paid out in full. We witnessed how creative they can be with the interpretation of their terms and conditions. As you will see in our reviews, their terms of use are vague and usually incomplete. In case you’re new to this, this makes you vulnerable.
In case you’re wondering, how have these bookies managed to persist in this kind of environment, here it goes. They rely on the bettors’ trust and

Sports Betting Bonuses, Free Bets & Promotions

Bonuses of all kinds are the bread and butter avid sports bettors. Regardless of the type of bets they place, regardless of the sports or the races they’re into, promotions can significantly boost the betting experience. It’s one of the many benefits betting online has. Due to the current situation of online sports betting in the US, we can’t point out a plethora of sports Free Bets, Promotions or Welcome Bonuses, but rest assured, there will be a lot of them.

To illustrate on the matter. Take for instance the welcome bonuses of the licensed NJ licensed online casinos. They’ve shown a great deal of generosity to their local players. Now, tripple this, and you’re close to what online sports betting sites in the US will be offering. The infamous Bodog, Bovada and BetOnline, with Intertops behind the wheel, they’ve been rewarding passionate online betting customers for more than a decade.

Here’s a list of the types of online sports betting promotions you can prepare for in the very near future:

  • Free Bets – the most sought after type of reward/bonus/boost.
  • Welcome Bonus – a staple for passionate sports bettors.
  • Enhanced Odds – the most frequent and hard to miss betting promotions for existing customers.
  • Reload Bonuses – when the cash balance goes low, these are really handy.
  • Cashback bonuses – you’ve been on a poor betting run? Cashback bonuses can help a bit.

For more information on each of the aforementioned bonuses and promotions, refer to the respective, dedicated bonus listing we have prepared.

Live Sports Betting in the US

Be part of the action, thanks to the live betting odds many bookies are eager to provide. For now, we can only confirm live betting odds at sports betting sites like Bodog and Bovada. Licensed, authorized online bookmakers like Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway are still lagging behind. Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of time before they start offering in-play betting odds for the most popular US sports, such as NFL, NBA and even expect to see eSports live betting offer, due to its ever increasing popularity in the states.

If you’re located in Nevada, refer to BetOnline for some great live betting action. On the other hand, New Jersey residents can relax and bet in a secure environment. As of June 2018, sports betting and online sports betting are completely legal! Check out the betting sites we listed earlier for more information.

Is Horse Racing Betting Legal in the US?

It is! With the latest wave of regulation changes, horse racing became legal. US residents can now bet on horse racing without worrying whether the races are rigged, and without having doubts about the payout of their winnings. The racetracks around the US will be broadcasting the races to all willing bookies that want to offer odds on the respective races.

Harrington Raceway in Delaware, Meadowlands Racetrack and Monmouth Park in New Jersey are probably going to be in the spotlight for most of the time. Needless to say, this doesn’t mean that other race tracks will be anything less attractive from a betting perspective.

Is Online Sports Betting legal in Nevada?

You might have already picked up the hints we left so far relating this matter. Nevada is not the ideal state to be if you’re into sports betting. Moving to New Jersey or Delaware are your best options at this moment. Sure, it sounds overwhelming, but that’s the truth. We hope to see sports betting on the same level with poker. There’s a lot of potential, and it can still become a leader in the field. Neverthless, they have to make some big regulatory amendments in order to get where New Jersey and Delaware are at the moment.

How to Deposit and Withdraw at the Best Online Sportsbooks in the US?

Since it’s legal, sports bettors no longer need to rely on cryptocurrencies, and they also don’t need to have offshore bank accounts to deposit and withdraw. Now, e-wallets and credit cards are fully compliant. Here are the types of payment methods you can use to deposit at the best online sportsbooks in the US:

  1. Credit/ Debit Cards – Easy to obtain, easy to use, still not the best type of deposit method.
  2. NETELLER – E-wallets are the dominating driving force in the online betting industry, NETELLER is one of them.
  3. PayPal – The “good guy” we all prefer. PayPal is our recommended payment option for online betting and online gaming anywhere in the world. It’s safe, cost-efficient and the fees are minimal.
  4. Bank Transfer – At times, sports betting enthusiasts might have to refer to conservative payment solutions, such as Bank Transfers. Extremely inconvenient, yet they work where accepted.

As the online sports betting market matures in the US, we expect to see other alternative payment methods to start competing for the share of the pie. This means the fees will go down the bonuses will go up, and the processing times will be halved eventually! Competition is the best motivator, and the only reason that keeps financial service companies improve further.

Which Online Bookmaker has the Best Betting Odds in the USA?

It’s the boiling question every single punter in the US asks. For now, we recommend security as your main priority. In other words, look for a legitimate, authorized US online bookmaker instead of looking for the one that offers the best odds.

Rest assured, we’re going to put the US betting site on a pedestal for everyone to see. After all, that’s our ultimate objective. Needless to say, we’re going to maintain an objective stance and bash them if they’re flawed in other areas. For now, stick with US online betting sites like Dover Downs, Harrington Raceway and Delaware Park, for instance.

How Will You Determine Which US Betting Site has the Best Odds?

In our experience, the best method is odds comparison. We track the odds the bookies put on display for a period of time, and we cross compare them. Eventually, we can calculate a trend, which makes it easy for us to come up with a clear conclusion.

We did promise you unbiased and objective reviews. The odds quality evaluation is an important segment of the betting site review process. It’s better to take things slowly, especially when the market is extremely volatile. Finding a bookmaker that will entertain you for a long time is a good idea. You will benefit from loyalty rewards, better bonus deals and more frequent free bets. Before you put your trust in an online bookmaker, please consider the odds quality as well.

Bet on the Super bowl, MLB, the NBA and MORE!

It’s only expected to see how US online betting sites put the most popular US sports in the spotlight. NFL, MLB and NBA are the top priority followed by Horse Racing, Harness Racing and eSports. Events such as the Super Bowl attract the most attention, which only guarantees high volume of Super Bowl Free Bets, Promotions and other kinds of prizes. The best online sportsbooks in the US know how to make a bettor feel good.

Whatever your “poison” is, US betting sites will sweeten it with a promotion worthy of the event at hand. Moreover, never miss out on an enhanced odds promotion at the highest sports level. They will make the match/race more exciting and you will be able to win more, simply because the odds were boosted!